Reinforced cement concrete design


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The basics of analyzing an RCC frame using analysis software like STAAD.Pro and designing the component elements of the frame with the help of MS Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) will be covered in this course.

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Reinforced cement concrete design

This course primarily talks about reinforced concrete structural elements and structural systems. The basics of analyzing an RCC frame using analysis software like STAAD.Pro and designing the component elements of the frame with the help of MS Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) will be covered in this course.

These skills are basic requirements for a budding structural engineer and design firms continuously look for talents who possess these fundamental skillsets. The fundamentals covered in the course help the students to understand complex topics like the non-linear and inelastic responses of RCC structures easier.

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Reinforced cement concrete design


  • Civil engineering and diploma students
  • Civil engineering specialist.
  • Civil engineering design engineers.


Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a diploma

Reinforced cement concrete design Modules


Structural systems, Properties of concrete & Properties of reinforcing steel

Objectives of structural design

Example of structural systems (different types of floor systems, vertical and lateral framing systems etc.)

Design codes              

Basics of concrete mix proportions and unit weight.

Unconfined compressive strength of concrete (cylinder & cube)

Stress-strain curve for concrete and its characteristics modified Hognestad parabola)

Concrete stress-strain curve per IS 456:2000

Confined strength of concrete (overview)

Characteristic strength of concrete, the tensile strength of concrete

Shrinkage & creep

Properties of steel (stress v/s strain, Fe250/Fe415/Fe500)


Design Philosophies & Beam in Flexure (analysis)

Preview into WSM, Strength Design (ULM) and Limit State Design (LSD)

Two Limit States (serviceability & strength)

Characteristic loads and load safety factor

Design material strength

Building frame example [Load distribution from slab – beam-column – foundation]

Slabs in building

One-way slabs (behaviour and structural analysis)

Theory of flexure

Concept of the neutral axis

Failure modes of RC section (under-reinforced, over-reinforced & balanced section)

Moment of resistance


One-way slabs & Two-way slabs

Structural analysis and design of one-way slab

Reinforcement detailing for one-way slabs

Introduction to two-way slabs

Difference between one-way & two-way slabs

Analysis of two-way slabs

Effective span for two-way slabs

Design example (two-way slabs)

Reinforcement detailing in two-way slabs


Beams in Flexure

Introduction to reinforced concrete beams

Moment of resistance

Concept of flanged beams in buildings

Analysis of under-reinforced rectangular beams

Analysis of over-reinforced rectangular beams

Flanged beams (effective width and other


Analysis of flanged beams in flexure

Limiting percentage of steel in beams


Beams in Flexure

Analysis of T-Beam (design example)

Concept of doubly reinforced rectangular beam

Analysis of doubly reinforced beam


Beams in Flexure, Bond, development length and anchorage length

Structural analysis of beam in the building frame

Design of singly reinforced beam in the building frame

Reinforcement detailing of beams

Bond strength of concrete

Development length and anchorage length



Principal stress in beams

Modes of cracking

Shear transfer mechanism

Effect of reinforcement on shear failure

Nominal shear stress in the beam

Critical section for one-way shear

Shear strength without shear reinforcement

Shear strength of the slab

Shear strength with shear reinforcement

Reinforcement detailing of shear reinforcement

Design example


Torsion & Deep Beams

Torsion in structural members (compatibility torsion and equilibrium torsion)

Torsional reinforcement provisions per IS code

Torsional reinforcement detailing

Design example

Introduction to deep beams and design example



Tied columns and spiral column

Loading on columns

The effective length of the column (braced & unbraced length)

Effective length per IS 456

Slender and short columns, slenderness limits

Reinforcement detailing of columns

The design strength of short column under pure axial load



Short column subjected to axial load and uniaxial moment

Strain profile under axial load and varying eccentricities

Introduction to P-M interaction curve

Possible modes of failure of column

Generating P-M interaction curve (equations and design example)

Design of column subjected to axial load and uniaxial moment

Design of column subjected to axial load and biaxial moment

Use of design aids (SP 16) for column design



Types of foundation (isolated, raft, combined, wall)

Bearing pressure under footing (due to axial load, axial load and uniaxial moment)

Design considerations (Bearing pressure, one-way shear, two-way shear and flexure)

Transfer of forces at column base: Bearing of concrete

Reinforcement detailing

Design example: Isolated, concentrically loaded footing

Design example: Isolated, eccentrically loaded footing



Combined foundation (introduction and need for combined foundation)

Analysis of combined foundation

Design example: Combined foundation

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