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25 days of intense training program learn from basic to advance of reinforce cement concrete design for optimize rcc design structure


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Accelerate design, optimization, and documentation of road network and bridge projects. Work with an intelligent model-based approach for surface and corridor modeling, drainage layout, and plans production.

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Construction Planning Management


  • Civil engineering and diploma students
  • Civil engineering specialist.
  • Civil engineering design engineers.


Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a diploma

Construction Planning Management Modules


1. 1.1 Basics Of Project Management
2. 1.2 Gantt Chart
3. 1.3 Milestone Chart, Linked Bar Chart, Network Diagram
2.Fundamentals Of Activity Over Arrow Network

1. 2.1 Basic Definition, Network Rules, Network Convention
2. 2.2 Dummy Activity
3. 2.3 Numbering Of Events, Errors In Network Diagram
3.Critical Path Method
1. 3.1 Introduction, Time Estimate And Event Time
2. 3.2 Activity Time And Floats
3. 3.3 Types Of Activities And Critical Path
1. 4.1 Introduction, Time Estimates, Frequency Distribution, Probabilistic Distribution And Expected Time
2. 4.2 Normal & Beta Probability Distribution Curve, Central Limit Theorem, Event Time, Slack, Critical Path, Probability Of Computation Of Project
3. 4.3 Practice Problems



1. 5.1 Introduction, Direct Cost & Indirect Cost, Optimum Cost & Optimum Duration, Crashing
2. 5.2 Practice Problems – I
3. 5.3 Practice Problems – II

6.Activity Over Node

1. 6.1 Activity On Node

7.Resource Updating And Allocation

1. 7.1 Resource Updating, Resource Levelling And Smoothening


8.Engineering Economy

1. 8.1 Concept Of Time Value Of Money & Cash Flow Diagram
2. 8.2 Interest Formula For Series
3. 8.3 Break Even Analysis & Comparision Of Alternatives
4. 8.4 Depreciation
5. 8.5 Questions On Depreciation
9. Construction Equipments

1. 9.1 Fundamental Of Equipments
2. 9.2 Different Types of Equipmentsw

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